Brand Guidelines

Follow these guidelines when promoting Develocity

Branding Kit

Get the official Develocity logo files in PNG and SVG formats.
Develocity Brand & Marketing

Follow these guidelines to ensure our brand is represented consistently and professionally in all marketing communications, including digital advertising, articles, websites, and print materials.

Understanding Our Logotype

Our logotype features a distinct design that encapsulates our brand identity. Crafted with precision, the logo reflects our commitment to innovation and excellence. The design combines modern aesthetics with functional clarity, ensuring it stands out while remaining versatile across all media.

Clearspace Guidelines

To maintain the integrity of our logo, a specific clearspace is required around it. This space ensures our logo remains distinct and uncluttered by nearby elements or page margins.

Logo Usage: What Not to Do

To preserve the strength of our brand identity, there are crucial don'ts for using our logo. Avoid alterations that could distort our logo’s appearance and impact.

Logo Dont's

Don’t add shadows behind the logo

Logo Dont's

Don’t stretch the logo

Logo Dont's

Don’t use logo as a frame for imagery

Logo Dont's

Don’t add outlines to the logo

Logo Dont's

Don’t apply logo in low resolution

Logo Dont's

Don’t place on low contrast colors

Develocity Purple

Develocity Purple (#744FFC) is the cornerstone of our visual identity, symbolizing creativity, innovation, and distinction. This vibrant shade should be used consistently across all platforms to maintain a cohesive and recognizable brand presence.