Airdrop - Phase 2

Discover the DEVE Box

Participate in daily tasks, unlock mystery boxes, and climb the leaderboard for a chance to win mDV points and prizes!

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Collect Your Boxes

Complete daily tasks to collect boxes filled with rare prizes and mDvmDV points. Each task rewards you with a chance to unlock something extraordinary! Keep an eye on your dashboard to stay updated with the latest tasks and rewards.

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Unlock and Discover

Visit your 'Box Vault' to track and open your collected boxes. Discover the treasures inside and keep an eye out for conversion rates to exchange mDvmDV points for valuable DEVE tokens post-campaign.

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Climb the Leaderboard

Aim for the top! Secure your spot on the leaderboard to win special prizes across three categories: top three, top ten, and top twenty.

  • Special Category Prizes

    For top three finishers.
  • 4-10

    Gold Category Prizes

    For places 4th to 10th.
  • 11-20

    Silver Category Prizes

    For places 11th to 20th.
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Multiplier NFTs

Boost Your Points

To enhance your rewards, we offer two types of NFT multipliers. These multipliers boost the mDV points you earn when opening boxes. OG Boost multiplies your mDV points by 1.5x each time you open a box. This NFT was available for free to participants of Airdrop Phase 1 who claimed their tokens and OG Boost at that time. If you missed claiming it, you can still purchase the OG Boost from the third party, from our community who already owns it. Mystic Pad multiplies your mDV points by 3.0x each time you open a box. This NFT is available for purchase.

OG Boost

1.5x Multiplier on mDV points

Mystic Pad

3.0x Multiplier on mDV points


Conversion Rate = ?

Side Tasks

Diamond Dash

Participate daily in Diamond Dash to collect diamonds. Every 50 diamonds automatically convert into mystery boxes filled with rewards. Keep up a 7-day login streak to increase your diamond haul, but be aware that missing a day resets your count. Stay engaged to maximize your campaign rewards efficiently.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply connect your wallet, and start completing tasks to collect boxes.
mDV points are campaign-specific points that can be exchanged for DEVE tokens at the end of the campaign, enhancing your DeFi investments.
Participate in daily tasks, keep a consistent login streak in Diamond Dash, and invite friends to increase your chances and climb the leaderboard.
Missing a day resets your progress, so it's important to log in daily to maintain your streak and maximize rewards.
Yes, the 'Mystic pad' multiplier is available for purchase by all participants, offering a 3.0x boost on your mDV points.