5% of Total Supply

Yeah, it's crazy, we know... Our DEVE Box Airdrop Campaign features a massive prize pool - 5 million DEVE tokens!

Campaign Overview

The DEVE Box Airdrop Event is designed to be an interactive and engaging way for participants to earn rewards. Unlike traditional airdrops, our campaign encourages active participation through daily tasks, referrals, and special events. The main goal is to accumulate as many mDV points as possible by collecting and opening boxes. These points can later be converted into DEVE tokens.

Event Timeline
  • DEVE Box Start Date: May 20th
  • Box Collection Begins: May 20th
  • Box Opening & Leaderboard Activation: May 27th
  • Event End Date: August 13th
  • mDV to DEVE Conversion: August 13th - August 19th
  • DEVE Token Release Date: August 20th
Collecting Boxes

There are multiple ways to collect boxes, and it's totally free! Here’s how you can start collecting your boxes:

  • Daily Tasks
  • All tasks are available in the dashboard. We will also announce them on our social media channels. In the dashboard's tasks section, you can see all ongoing and ended tasks, and also how many boxes you will earn by completing each task.

  • Diamond Dash
  • Connect your wallet daily and collect diamonds. Each time you collect 50 diamonds, you earn a box.

Box Vault

Boxes collected will be stored in your Box Vault. In the Box Vault, you’ll also see your mDV balance, the number of boxes you’ve collected, and the number of boxes you’ve opened.

  • Opening Boxes
  • The "Open Box" button is currently disabled and will be activated on May 27th. On May 27th, you can start opening your boxes to discover mDV points, ETH, exclusive NFTs, and a lot of special prizes.

  • Multiplier NFTs
  • To multiply your points, you can buy our NFT multipliers. Every time you open a box, you can multiply your mDV points by 1.5 or 3.0, depending on the multiplier you have.

Multiplier NFTs

To enhance your rewards, we offer two types of NFT multipliers. These multipliers boost the mDV points you earn when opening boxes:

  • OG Boost - 1.5x Multiplier
  • Multiplies your mDV points by 1.5x each time you open a box. This NFT was available for free to participants of Airdrop Phase 1 who claimed their tokens and OG Boost at that time. If you missed claiming it, you can still purchase the OG Boost from the third party, from our community who already owns it.

  • Mystic Pad - 3.0x Multiplier
  • Mystic Pad multiplies your mDV points by 3.0x each time you open a box. This NFT is available for purchase.

You cannot combine these two NFTs to achieve a 4.5x multiplier. You can only have either the 1.5x or the 3.0x multiplier. If you have the OG Boost (1.5x) and purchase the Mystic Pad (3.0x), your multiplier will be upgraded to 3.0x.


Referrals are another great way to earn mDV points. Here's how it works:

  • Referral Link
  • You can find your unique referral link in the menu under "Referrals."

  • Earning Points
  • Each time you invite someone using your referral link, and they participate in the event, you'll earn 5% of the mDV points they earn.

  • Bonus for 10 Referrals
  • When you reach 10 referrals who participate in the event, your 5% earnings will be increased to 10%. This means you'll earn 10% of the mDV points earned by all your referred participants.

Referrals are a powerful way to boost your mDV points quickly, so make sure to share your referral link widely!

Diamond Dash

Diamond Dash is our daily reward system designed to keep participants engaged and rewarded for their consistency. Here’s how it works:

  • Daily Connection
  • Each day, participants need to visit the website and connect their wallet to earn diamonds.

  • Daily Diamond Earrings
    • Day 1: 10 diamonds
    • Day 2: 20 diamonds
    • Day 3: 30 diamonds
    • Day 4: 40 diamonds
    • Day 5: 50 diamonds
    • Day 6: 100 diamonds
    • Day 7: 150 diamonds
  • Weekly Total
  • By claiming diamonds every day, participants can collect a total of 400 diamonds each week.

  • Streak Requirement
  • Participants must claim their diamonds daily without breaking the streak. If they miss a day, they start again from Day 1. They have 24 hours each day to claim their diamonds.

  • Box Conversion
  • Each time participants reach 50 diamonds, they are automatically converted into a DEVE box. 50 diamonds = 1 DEVE box.

Diamond Dash is a fantastic way to earn additional boxes and maximize your rewards. Make sure to visit daily and keep the streak alive!

Champions Leaderboard

During the DEVE Box Airdrop Event, participants have the chance to earn mDV points that can later be converted into DEVE tokens. But that’s not all—participants can also compete for huge prizes on our Champions Leaderboard.

  • Earning Points
  • Accumulate mDV points by completing tasks and opening boxes. The more points you earn, the higher you climb on the leaderboard.

  • Leaderboard Categories
    • Special Prizes for Top 3 - The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will receive huge, special prizes.
    • Golden Category (4th to 10th) - Participants ranking from 4th to 10th place will receive golden category prizes.
    • Silver Category (11th to 20th) - Participants ranking from 11th to 20th place will receive silver category prizes.
  • Prize Details
  • While we can’t reveal the specific details of the prizes just yet, we promise they will be huge and worth the effort.

  • Leaderboard Activation
  • The Champions Leaderboard will be launched on May 27th, when participants can start opening their boxes and collecting mDV points.

Compete, climb the ranks, and win big! Keep earning mDV points to secure your spot on the leaderboard and unlock amazing rewards.